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Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania: Visitors who enter Tanzania for volunteer work get to experience Africa at its best. With plenty of safaris and protected wild life reserves, it’s difficult not to see Africa’s big five in their glorious natural habitats. With more than 126 local languages, volunteering in Tanzania allows travellers to experience unique tribal cultures and customs.

The country offers a long list of diverse volunteering opportunities. Health care nonprofits are in constant need of people who can provide general care and help them combat the spread of HIV. Youth programs in Arusha, Dar es Salaam , Mbeya and Mwanza are popular among volunteers who help spread awareness about HIV, provide healthcare and conduct elementary school classes.

Best time to volunteer in Tanzania

Tanzania does not experience four seasons; it actually has a dry season and a wet season. The country experiences two rainy seasons, one between October and December and another one that starts from March and ends in May. The temperature during the dry season can set the mercury soaring above 35 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Tanzania is between June and August when the day time temperature remains relatively cool.

Essential information about Tanzania

People interested in joining volunteering projects abroad must possess the right travel documents. Volunteers can enter Tanzania with a tourist visa but on arrival, they need to apply for a class C volunteer permit. The permit remains valid for 3 months and costs $200.

Tanzanians in urban and semi-rural areas can communicate in English. However, many Tanzanian citizens can only understand and speak Swahili. Apart from Swahili, there are about 126 other languages spoken by locals residing in various parts of the country.

Being a tourist destination, Tanzania is not as cheap as some other African countries. A three course meal for two at a mid-sized restaurant can cost about $25. (Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania)