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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Does the thought of international volunteering excite you? Are you looking for the opportunity to start making a difference in the world?

Now’s the time to get started!

With lifted strong Arusha Tanzania -, you’ll be able to start making a difference in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. To do so, you’ll join your fellow volunteers and be among the people that has helped better the lives of thousands.

And now, we’re looking for motivated volunteers who are interested in traveling to the heart of Africa. Our volunteer in Tanzania program proves to be one of our most popular and often serves as a popular mission trip for Many People in Europe, Asia, America and other areas.

Our unique program allows you to directly combat the devastating effects poverty has had in local Tanzanian communities. Tailored to your unique experience and skillsets, we put you to work directly with those affected so that you can make an immediate difference in their lives.Why Volunteering in Tanzania.

Why Volunteer in Tanzania?

One of the most widely-known African countries, Tanzania is also one of the most in need. With much of the population suffering from poverty, Tanzania also faces several health and safety epidemics.

Most notably of these is the HIV/AIDS crisis. Much of the Tanzanian population now suffers from HIV and AIDS—including men, women, and children. This far-reaching crisis has left an impact on every level of society—with many afflicted lack proper access to life-saving medication.

This includes young children who often are born with HIV after their mothers are infected.

At Lifted Strong, our volunteer in Tanzania program works to help increase access to life-saving medication and medical care so as to decrease the prevalence and effects of HIV/AIDS in local communities.

Our diverse programs also help connect volunteers with local children in dire need of education. These educational programs help lay a stronger foundation for success for children in impoverished communities. They also provide enriching experiences for our volunteers, as they work on the front line connecting with children in need.

Support Our Current Projects

We also need volunteers who will support/help girls especially those who are still in school have been facing many challenges but the biggest one is their menstruation period. Here most of girls drop from school and stay at home until their menstrual end up so we as an organization managed to determine this challenges and finally we sort out and seen that in work-away is where we may get various volunteers who might be touched to help them either direct or indirect this will help them top fulfill their dreams.

”I loved my placement and the people I was able to work with. Volunteering was truly a life changing experience that I will treasure for the rest of my days. My accommodation was wonderful and I felt safe the whole time. I think I learned more from the kids than I ever could have taught them. Lifted Strong were so wonderful through my entire experience, thank you so much for everything!”   

Amber , USA , 

What else to do in Arusha

Visa Information

‘Volunteer’ visa is required to volunteer in Tanzania and costs around US$100 depending on the country of Origina. Some nationalities can apply in advance from their local Tanzania Embassy, but most volunteers will obtain the volunteer visa from the airport on arrival in Arusha. 

Please ensure you have sufficient US$ to pay for the volunteer visa on arrival (notes must be no older than 2009). These VISA, which is valid for three months, can then be renewed for a further three months if required.

Note: All travelers require return or onward tickets, all documents required for their next destination and proof of funds. 

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