When Should I Arrive In Tanzania?


When Should I Arrive In Tanzania?

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  1. liftedstrong

    Please arrive the day before your assignment begins. If you wish to arrive earlier, your accommodation and meals will be your responsibility. Please review our assignment or Cultural Immersion start day details in your personal placement information package we will forward to you.
    Will someone pick me from the airport? How will I know who they are and where they are?
    You will be greeted up at the airport, but you must send your travel itinerary  before your arrival in Tanzania. You will be met by a local staff member/our coordinator. They will be holding a sign with your name, awaiting your arrival outside of the airport.
    If you miss our representative due to flight delay or confusion, please call the number provided in your placement details. This rarely happens, but be prepared by keeping this important information with you as you travel. Make sure you look carefully for your pick-up representative, as it is normally busy outside of the airport.

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