Volunteer experience by Katie Sullivan


Volunteer in Arusha


Volunteering at Lifted Strong has been an experience like no other. I started volunteering at Lifted Strong in September of 2021, but as soon as I walked in the door I felt I was at home. 

There are so many aspects that make this organization special, but the one that immediately stood out to me is how far-reaching this organization’s services are. Lifted Strong provides women empowerment opportunities for all ages. While volunteering here, I have had the opportunity to teach health, emotional, and business education classes to middle aged women who participate regularly in the education program. In addition I have been able to travel to a public school, that had been established only a year earlier, and deliver fifty reusable sanitary pads to girls ages 13-18. Lifted Strong strives to help women of all ages, in any aspect they can.

Another thing that makes lifted strong so exceptional is the impact the organization leaves on the volunteers. I entered Tanzania expecting to help others and make an impression on the women’s lives, I never expected the impression they would have on mine. Through their individual stories of overcoming physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, raising their children as a single parent, overcoming education barriers and so much more I can truly say I have been inspired by every woman in this program.

It is difficult to put into words how incredible this organization is. I cannot wait to watch the women continue to learn and grow through the work of Lifted Strong.