Volunteer experience by Eva Harari


Women's Empowerment Volunteering in Arusha


Lifted Strong, a community that welcomes everyone who enters with open arms, love, and support. This place changed my life forever. All the mamas at Lifted Strong show love and compassion for one another and for all the volunteers that come to help. Eva Boazi and Joyce Beda work so hard to achieve their goals of doing what is best for all the mamas at Lifted Strong. They do this by educating the mamas, teaching them useful skills, and providing them medication.

 While I was in Arusha, Tanzania, I raised money for the mamas and their families to all have health insurance. I was inspired to do this because on one of my first day’s volunteering at Lifted Strong, Mama Anna got very ill. One of the volunteers found her laying on the ground behind the Lifted Strong building.

No one took Mama Anna to a hospital because she did not have enough money for transportation and medical services without health insurance. This made me terribly sad, and I knew that their medical care should be prioritized. In addition to raising money for the mamas, I thought it was very important to show up every day to work and show your support for the mamas.

Lifted Strong is the most amazing support group I have ever been a part of. Although many volunteers go to Lifted Strong to make an impact on the mamas’ lives, at the end of the day the mamas make more even more of an impact on our lives. They showed us all how to be grateful for our lives, and how to show love and empathy for the people we surround ourselves with. While I was in Tanzania, the mamas made a huge impact on my life and taught me how to be a better person. These mamas deserve the world. They deserve to be healthy, happy, and cared for. I will forever hold a special place in my heart for the women at Lifted Strong!