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Volunteer application in Arusha, How long does it take to complete my program application? How long before the arrival date should I complete it?

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  1. liftedstrong

    The program application is very simple. It contains information about you, your travel, work experience and goals. You should also include at least 3 pictures to give us an idea of your life style (pictures with family, friends and things you like to do).
    The application deadline for the volunteer program is two months before your arrival, but if you have decided to travel in less than  the allotted time we will do our best to accommodate you.
    Once we receive the paperwork we will send you the program invoice and upon payment we will start working on your placement to find a suitable host family and have everything organized for your arrival.
    You should expect to receive your placement information two weeks prior to your departure. However, if you applied in less than two months before your arrival we will provide the information latest upon your arrival.

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