How can I empower women and girls?


How can I empower women and girls?

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    How can I empower women and girls?

    Standing with and investing in women is an important start. From workplaces and schools to homes and communities, women
    Gender equality underpins all of World Vision’s work – and there are many great activities you can get involved in to support the rights of women in developing countries.

    1. Sponsor a girl: When you sponsor a girl, you can give her the tools to gain an education and take back the rights she deserves. This is a key way that girls can be empowered to grow up and influence their generation – and the next.
    2. Educate yourself by finding out about issues that affect girls – for instance, child marriage.
    3. Learn about what World Vision is doing to make change.
    4. Buy women’s empowerment gifts. World Vision offers a variety of gifts that contribute to investing in and building up women and girls.
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