Our Founders

Meet our founders


Meet our co-founder Eva Boazi, a remarkable woman born and raised in Arusha, Tanzania. At 45 years old, Eva is married and blessed with four children and a cherished grandchild. With a background in clinical medicine, she pursued her education in Iringa, specializing in HIV care and treatment, making a profound impact on countless lives.
Eva's dreams extend beyond her achievements - she envisions a future for Lifted Strong that transcends generations, aspiring to live to 120 years to witness the organization's transformative growth. As a proud member of a Pentecostal church, Eva actively serves as a board member, deeply devoted to her faith and committed to making a difference in her community. In her cherished moments of leisure, she finds joy in serving God, cooking delightful meals, and cherishing quality time with her family. Eva's passion lies in empowering women and providing them with opportunities to flourish.
Her experience in the realm of NGOs has shaped her into a powerful leader, spearheading change and progress. With her unyielding dedication, Eva stands as an inspiring figure, poised to uplift women and pave the way for their success. Her presence in the community is a beacon of hope, and her vision is the driving force behind the transformative impact of Lifted Strong


Meet our co-founder Joyce Beda, a visionary leader with a heart of compassion, born in Zambia and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. At 36 years old, she is a devoted wife and proud mother of three children. Joyce pursued her passion for accountancy at the Institute of Accountants in Arusha, earning her degree in 2009. Her inspiring journey to establish Lifted Strong was ignited during her impactful work with other NGOs in Arusha. Driven by a deep desire to create positive change and empower women, Joyce embarked on a mission to found an NGO that focuses on women's empowerment. Beyond her dedication to Lifted Strong, Joyce finds solace in singing at church and cherishing precious moments with her children. Her infectious smile and boundless love create an inviting atmosphere, making women feel comfortable in her presence. This genuine connection enables her to reach out to women who may have otherwise hesitated to seek help. With unwavering determination, Joyce dreams of expanding Lifted Strong's reach to touch the lives of even more women. Her passion, coupled with her nurturing nature, makes her a beacon of hope and a driving force in the journey towards women's empowerment. Through Lifted Strong, Joyce is building a legacy of transformative impact and a brighter future for women in Tanzania.