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Medical Volunteer Programs in Arusha

Medical Volunteer Programs in Arusha

As a medical volunteer in Tanzania you will be working in a local clinic or hospital in Arusha , helping to lessen the burden on the stretched resources of the medical service. These facilities are often stretched to breaking point and in desperate need of additional help. This is where you come in!

Your work will depend on your experience level, and you must have some medical experience in order to take part. We very much welcome medical and nursing students, especially as part of elective programmes, as you will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills you’ve learnt whilst helping those in real need.

You will spend the first few days shadowing a local doctor and learning about local techniques and common diseases. Once you feel comfortable you will have the opportunity to begin performing some basic procedures under supervision. General responsibilities for medical volunteers include taking rounds, prescribing and distributing medicines, dressing wounds, and assisting with births.

Community Outreach in Arusha

HIV, diabetes, respiratory infections, diarrheal diseases, malaria, and malnutrition continue to rank as the top 10 leading causes of death in Tanzania.

Lifted Strong provides medical care and education to families that have limited to no access to what is basic, but essential healthcare. Teamed up with qualified medical volunteers, we hold weekly home visits and medical outreach efforts in high-need communities in and surrounding Arusha.   

  • During home visits, we are welcomed into the homes of Tanzanian families where we provide food, clothing, education, and hope to those in immediate need.
  • During medical outreaches, we set up temporary health clinics in rural areas. These temporary health clinics allow people to receive medical attention and treatment from trained medical personnel that they normally would not have access to.

If you are pursuing a career in the medical field or a qualified medical professional with a desire to help those in need and gaining an exposure to medical environments in Tanzania, lifted Strong’s medical care volunteer program and Internship program is the best option for you.

Apply to join a medical care volunteer program across Tanzania with the largest volunteer travel organization on the continent. You will be placed in rewarding medical care volunteer placements and gap year electives all around Tanzania  where you will work at community centers, outreaches, hospitals and clinics alongside local staff and other international volunteers.

Lifted Strong’s’ medical care volunteer program offers hands on work placements, you will have ample opportunities to get involved directly with the treatment of local patients. Healthcare and medical professionals of all kinds are needed to provide vital services to under-served communities all over Tanzania. Medical volunteer project placements are available from various healthcare fields including nursing, general medicine, dental, physical therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry, and more.