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Together, with your support, let’s make a lasting impact and empower Tanzania womens to redefine possibilities and build a brighter future.

Who We Are

At Lifted Strong Community Organization (LISCO), our core mission is to advocate for and support women from Tanzania.

At LISCO, we support women from Tanzania, who have faced unimaginable hardships – battling HIV, domestic violence, poverty, and poor health. We believe in giving these resilient women a chance at a better life.

Founded in early 2019 by two remarkable women, Eva and Joyce, LISCO emerged from a powerful vision to challenge the status quo. Witnessing the pressing need for education, empowerment, and advocacy among women in the Arusha region, they took a bold stand.

Eva and Joyce, driven by their passion and NGO experience, recognized the urgency to break free from restrictive gender roles in their male-dominated community. They share an unwavering commitment to inspire, enrich, and uplift the economic and social development of Tanzania. Together, with your support, let’s make a lasting impact and empower these women to redefine possibilities and build a brighter future.

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One of the ways we raise funds and build confidence in our students is by hosting a variety of programs. Unlock the secrets of traditional Tanzanian cuisine or embark on a transformative 4-hour community tour in Arusha with Lifted Strong.

Authentic Tanzanian Beading Class

Connect authentically with Arusha's Mammas in our unique beaded jewelry workshops.

Traditional Tanzanian Cooking Class

This small-group class in Arusha will teach you how to cook traditional Tanzanian dishes

4hr Tour and Community Outreach in Arusha

Explore Arusha intimately on this community tour.

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How you can support

Multiple ways you can make contribution to LISCO


Are you passionate about international volunteering and eager to make a positive impact on the world? If so, now is the time to embark on a life-changing journey with Lifted Strong in Arusha, Tanzania.


At Lifted Strong, we are on a mission to provide essential healthcare services, medical outreach, and community support to underserved communities in Tanzania. We rely on the generosity of individuals like you.


One of the ways we raise funds and build confidence in our students is by hosting a variety of different exciting and interactive programs. You can choose from a variety of programs.
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More People, More impact

Hear Arusha’s Mammas stories, craft intricate pieces, and empower local women. Contribute to LISCO’s mission, embracing Tanzanian heritage while creating cherished memories. Book now for an unforgettable experience.

At our core, we are driven by the mission to advocate for and support women from Tanzania who have endured unimaginable hardships.


Our commitment is unwavering – we are dedicated to lifting them from these challenging circumstances.


We firmly believe in the power of community outreach to effect lasting change.

Words From Volunteers

avery cole
avery cole
16 August 2023
Traditional African cooking experience! All the cooking is for a great cause to support women and everyone was so friendly!
Erica T
Erica T
7 August 2023
I took this cooking class my first day in Arusha. The women were welcoming and showed me how to make a super delicious vegetable soup and several different fillings for samosas! The class is worth your time and supports a wonderful organization that empowers women!
Amanda-Kara Shipman
Amanda-Kara Shipman
22 June 2023
The women at Lifted Strong were friendly, organized, and very welcoming. They taught us how to make four types of samosas by hand, all of which turned out great! Can’t wait to try the recipe at home. Thank you Lifted Strong!
Jessica K.
Jessica K.
20 June 2023
After getting in touch for a cooking class I got a fast answer and could do a cooking class right the next day. Be sure to plan enough time to get there, it can be a little bit tricky to get there because it’s not right at the main street but in walking distance and safe area. Even though I was the only one, the class took place and I had a wonderful time with the woman from Lifted strong; it felt like cooking with friends and I even learnt some new Swahili words with them. Great value for money and always nice to support such a great organizations which supports local woman and communities!
Jaimie Telschow
Jaimie Telschow
12 June 2023
Great experience! I emailed about booking a cooking class and responses were super prompt. The actual class was so fun. All of the ladies were very kind and patient with our children. The samosas were delicious. I highly recommend booking a class while you are in Arusha.
Harley Cunningham
Harley Cunningham
26 May 2023
We took a school group of girls to the cooking class to learn how to make samosas. From start to finish the experience was amazing. The ladies were incredibly welcoming and were very encouraging to our kids. Everything was extremely well organised and there was plenty of freedom for the students to get as involved as they wanted with the process. Beyond the cooking class, Lifted Strong is an incredibly inspiring and wonderful organisation that is having a true impact on the local community. Hearing about all the ways in which they engage in outreach left our girls feeling motivated to make their own impact and to continue their support of the organisation well after the class ended. We are extremely grateful to Lifted Strong for this great experience and I would strongly recommend it to anyone.