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  • Lifted strong Community Organization
  • Lifted strong Community Organization
  • Lifted strong Community Organization

Lifted strong Community Organization

Home to over 120 ethnic groups, Tanzania is brimming with age-old culture, religious diversity, and traditions. Tanzanians are family oriented, friendly, and share a strong sense of national pride. In recent years, the country has made great progress in driving social and economic development across the 25 regions. Despite the progress, more work needs to be done on education, healthcare, and infrastructure. The main obstacles Tanzania continues to face has to do with poverty and gender inequality.

1.7 million Tanzanians are currently living with HIV. The prevalence of HIV amongst adults (15-49) is 48%. There are 77,000 new infections of HIV in Tanzania every year. Women have an increased risk of HIV. Nearly a fifth of all new infections come from mother to child transmissions. Like in other countries, the stigma surrounding HIV is the driving force of new infections. The stigma acts as a barrier to receiving care as well as disclosing status. Lifted Strong hopes to act as an agent of change by dispelling stigma and helping the community receive ARVs. Lifted Strong works as community advocates to help educate, mentor, and counsel vulnerable populations around Arusha and the surrounding villages.


Community outreach

LISCO provides medical care and education to families who have limited to no access to basic and essential services. LISCO with Tanzania Host Experience (THE) helps connect doctors, nurses and dentists from around the world to local villages. These medical professionals help educate and pass out necessary medicines.

Women empowerment

LISCO sponsors ten to twelve women a year in our education classes. We provide these women with English, business, and health classes daily. We help them establish business plans as well as give them the necessary capital to be successful in their business. The women also gain life long friendships and a support network of like minded women. Our volunteers from around the world help us with the education process.


Our goal is to see the Mamas are self-sufficient, employed and leading a dignified life. We equip to support future generations, thus breaking cycles of poverty. We start this support early on in the Programme, but more specifically in the Outplacement and Social Enterprise Programmes.

Educated, Empowered and Living Free

While we at Lifted Strong do our best to support our Mamas and other vulnerable communities of Arusha; we have had a difficult time to continue doing so due to COVID-19. For this reason, we need your help. We have many programs that need to be funded including but not limited to: the reusable sanitary pad program, rent coverage, and food and medical care for our Mamas. Lifted Strong does everything in its power to aid and support the women, youth, children, and elderly in our community; any donation you can make would be much appreciated no matter how big or small. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!


Lifted strong Community Organization
Lifted strong Community Organization
Lifted strong Community Organization
Lifted strong Community Organization
Environmental Awareness Volunteer in Arusha
Childcare Volunteer Program in Arusha

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Lifted strong Community Organization
Lifted strong Community Organization